Good News About New York City Sewage

The New York City system is overtaxed especially during storm surges that are happening more frequently. These investments are a sound decision. It is good to see the Bloomberg continues to lead the city to a better future. This is wonderful...

Water Reads

For those interested in immersing yourselves in all aspects of water environmentalism. I think you will find this article helpful.

Interview on Green-Talk

The folks at and I had an interesting conversation about Running Out of Water the other day. Take a look and let me know what you think. Susan Susan Leal speaks with Green-Talk

Are People in Cambridge Smarter?

In May, while just across the Charles, Bostonians had to boil their water, Cambridge residents were untouched by their sister city’s water crisis. Why? Although Cambridge, Massachusetts, is within the MWRA geography, it does not depend on MWRA for its water. Way back...